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Thursday, July 8, 2010

But Damnit, I'm too Old to Write...Not!!

Whenever you begin to tell yourself that you are too old to write, or too slow to write, or too young to write, or too whatever to write pull out these words from 87 year-old Jim Ingraham, Five-Star published author of Sahara Dust (the prestigious 5-Star Books, and Evidence of Evil, an title (work in progress: Duff Kerrigan).  Here's Jim in his own inspiring words:

"It's not how age affects me as a writer that's important. It's how it affects me as a man. Because I have shed many illusions about myself and my life and have accepted who I am and who I have been, my relationship to people and to my work is more sensible than it once was. I am no longer crippled by fears that I won't "make it." I know that "making it" is an illusion. The only important result of writing is the work itself.

I liken it to playing golf. Winning a tournament is fun, but trying to is not what keeps me playing. The real reward is striking the ball well, that feeling coming into my hands when I watch the ball sail down the fairway, when I watch it fall into the hole from 30 feet across the green.

If the reward of your work is something other than finding the right word, building a solid paragraph, turning out a well-crafted story, then you miss the true rewards of being a writer.

If I am true to myself, the results of my work will reflect the gains I have made over all the adversities that have plagued my life. I hope that readers grow from my work. It pleases me that others enjoy my stories. But I write, not to please others, but to please myself.

Jim Ingraham
   following is a photo of Jim and his son at the piano!

Wow, man...wish I had Jim in my creative writing class; what an inspiration.
Find Jim online at and look for Sahara Dust, Evidence of Evil and in future Duff Kerrigan.

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