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Friday, April 23, 2010

IDEA KILLERS stop YOU in Your Tracks

Guess what Think Tanks are for? Brainstorming, right? But so many of us Stop the Brainstorm too soon. Look, no idea is born in perfection, no invention, no artwork, no novel or product. So start a new revolution in yourself: GIVE an idea a home; give it a chance to grow. Below are the top ten Idea Killers - responses to an idea that Destroy it at the roots and cut it off at the ankles:
10. Get a Committee to look into it...

9. You gotta be kidding...

8. We're already overextended (or overexposed).

7. We'll never find the time for that!

6. You don't/can't REALLY mean that...

5. Who's gonna do it? Take the lead?

4. It doesn't fit the system (in publishing: doesn't fit our list)

3. We tried that before & it doesn't work.

2. 'They' will never buy it (no matter who THEY are)

1. It doesn't GRAB me.

Robert W. Walker

author Children of Salem, Killer Instinct, plus 50 other published novels

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